Coffee on a Diet

Coffee is a vital part of almost everyone’s daily lives (ours for sure!). That’s why when we had the opportunity to partner up with a Kansas City coffee company, The Roasterie, we jumped at the chance. It took a lot of tasting and testing to create a quality blend worth of the Hitch Fit name. In the end, it was more than worth it to create Hitch Fit Kickstart Premium Blend Coffee!

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Can I Drink Coffee on a Diet?

We get this question all the time from our new clients, before we can even start discussing their nutrition plan: “Can I still have my coffee?!”

As you can imagine, most of our clients become joyous when we tell them “yes!!!” We can’t really blame them for their anxiousness in asking that question. We love coffee as well! It’s just an added benefit that it’s diet-friendly…and here’s why:

Coffee is low in calories

In an 8 ounce cup of black coffee, all you have to worry about burning off is a measly 2 calories!  Unfortunately, that calorie count will increase with every addition you make to your cup of Joe. Say you add 2 tablespoons of sugar to your coffee—your cup now has 34 calories.  Want cream? 2 tablespoons of that will make your once innocent cup of coffee a 138 calorie…

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