Vegetables to plant in your home garden during the coronavirus pandemic

Carrot tops are also edible. Use young carrot tops to make pesto sauce or as a substitute for parsley.

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Don’t just rely on the food in your pantry or your survival stockpile.

As many homeowners in America are starting to realize, now isa good time to start a home garden since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemicis starting todisrupt food supply chains throughout the world.To make the most of your home garden, follow the tips below andplant fast-growing vegetablesto ensure that you have access to fresh produce even during this worrying pandemic.

Don’t just rely on the food in your pantry or the supplies in your survival stockpile. As preppers already know, being self-sufficient allows you to be prepared before SHTF.

Even if thecoronavirus pandemic doesn’t cause food shortages, there are many benefits to starting a home garden.

Basic gardening tips

Adding more fast-growing vegetables to their backyardshould be a piece of cake for experienced gardeners. But if you’re fairly new to gardening, or if you…

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